Sell my house Baltimore with Baltimore Realtors Jonathan Kirk And The Kirk Home Group Of Northrop Realty, A Long & Foster Company. Some sellers wonder, “why isn’t my house selling?” Baltimore Realtor, Jonathan Kirk With The Kirk Home Group Of Northrop Realty explain how each and every home selling situation is uniquely different and requires a customized approach for success. “‘Sell my House” are words that Jonathan loves to hear! Jonathan knows that every seller comes with unique goals and codes to crack and surely every home is unique to the next one. Whether staging a home for sale, identifying and doing work upfront to get the home in tip top shape to sell for max sale price, or marketing and showcasing the home at the highest levels possible to gain maximum exposure, Jonathan and his Team at Northrop Realty are the “Go To” for your real estate needs in Maryland & Nationwide. Our personal service will be provided in Maryland and our national Long & Foster network is equipped to handle all of our out of state referrals. So, call Jonathan Directly first and he will service your needs no matter where you’re buying or selling a home in the US.

“Sell my house in Baltimore” Sell My House Baltimore expert Jonathan Kirk’s About me: Baltimore Realtor, Baltimore Real Estate Agent, Jonathan Kirk and Kirk Home Group specialize in helping clients buy and sell Baltimore Maryland Real Estate as a Local Realtor in Baltimore helping Home owners sell for top dollar in the fastest time possible with the smoothest and most enjoyable experience possible.

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Jonathan Kirk, Owner/ Founder & CEO of the Kirk Home Group Of Northrop Realty, A Long & Foster Company. The Kirk Home Group Of Northrop Realty, Reside in Lutherville, In the county Of Baltimore, Maryland where Creig Leads Jonathan and his high performance team of Baltimore Realtors to continue growing their knowledge, experience, skill sets and client base, innovating the way the real estate is sold and acquired today. Jonathan is passionate about his family and providing value to all those he meets without expectation of anything in return. Jonathan and his wife, Deona, live in Lutherville, MD with their two young sons Lincoln (3) and Rockland (2).

Our mission is to be the leader in the real estate marketplace using the highest degree of professionalism and expertise to meet and exceed the needs of our clientele.


Sell My House Baltimore - Baltimore Realtor
Video Transcription

Jonathan Kirk: All right, everybody, Jonathan Kirk here, the Kirk Home Group of Northrop Realty, coming to you outside one of our listings that we’re about to go to settlement on here in the next week or two. Just wanted to give you a breakdown. Most likely if you’re watching this video, you typed in a couple of different keywords into Google, why isn’t my home selling? Or sell my house fast or Baltimore realtors or real estate agents in Baltimore or one of the many things that we’re actually known for. The bottom line is that we’re here to help you sell your house in Maryland the most efficient way possible for top dollar in the quickest time and we can help you acquire new property as well.

This specific circumstance that we’re encountering here at 7965 Riverside Drive here in Pasadena, Maryland 21122 is a unique one because it was a listing of mine that my seller inherited from his father when he passed away and it’s an estate sale. The family’s going to be splitting up the funds once it sells and it’s kind of a distressed property. It needs some work. It doesn’t have a heat source, it doesn’t have hot or cold water. There’s some missing drywall, there’s some discoloration inside the property. And I was contacted by a local resident in the neighborhood who already lives here, his parents live here and he loves the neighborhood. He grew up in this neighborhood and he wanted to own in this neighborhood. I showed him the property and we worked together over a week or two to kind of crunch numbers and make sure it was exactly what he was looking for, considering the type of work that he was going to put into it. He was going to completely rehab it anyway.

However, the property actually did appraise once we got to the appraisal part of the process, he utilized conventional financing, but there was a lot of lender required repairs. It was actually graded a C6 from the appraisal management company and it has to be at least a C4 or under in order for the loan company, the mortgage company, the lender to approve the loan. I worked directly with the appraiser to find out specifically what needed to be done communicating directly with the buyer. I have my contractors here who I got authority from my sellers to utilize. So I connected my contractor with my seller, they’re now doing a bunch of work. The buyer is actually working with the contracting crew because he’s going to be putting a lot of work into the property himself anyway. And it’s just a beautiful situation, which is so unique how it happened because I found the buyer myself after I marketed the listing myself and I’m able to give a discount on commission to my seller.

I’m able to give credit back to the buyer because we’re not paying another buyer’s agent to procure us a buyer. And I’m also getting all the work done before my seller so he can sell this property for top dollar. Because if we weren’t able to get this property sold this way, most likely he would be getting offers $50,000 cheaper then where he’s currently under contract right now. Because of the way that I marketed, the way that I showcased, the way that I communicated with the appraisal, management company, the lender, the buyer, as well as the contractors to ensure that we get the lender required repairs taken care of to pass inspection and sell it for top dollar, which this buyer is totally okay doing because he’s going to be living in the property. He’s not going to be flipping it for a profit.

Everybody wins on this one. It’s just a win, win situation. If you’re looking for houses in Baltimore County, homes for sale in Baltimore County, homes for sale in Anna Rundle County, homes for sale in PG County, Baltimore City homes call me, I’m your guy. If you’re looking to list and sell your property in the state of Maryland, please call me direct. I’d love to provide value to you up front without any expectation of what I receive in return. And that’s just one of our unique selling propositions is that you get to utilize our services upfront before we even get anything in return. Our expectations are very low, our value is very high. That’s what you can expect from us. If you’re looking for the same results, please call me. My number is (443) 928-4550 or please feel free to visit for more information. Take care and have a great day guys.