Video Transcription

Randi Lyn Randa…: My name is Randi Lyn Randall, and I am the owner and operator of the company Real Estaged, and we service all of the residential homes for sale in Maryland, DC and Virginia. And I’ve been working with Jonathan Kirk now for four years.

I first met John, I believe I got a call from him for a house that needed to be staged. And we had never worked together, but I was referred to him by one of his other colleagues, and we met onsite at the property and did kind of a walk through to get to know him as well as the property. And we just hit it off really well. We had good conversation and a lot of laughs and from there, he kind of just let me take it away, and we did our thing and stayed in touch and I’m pretty sure the house was sold relatively quickly and it just started from there.

The idea of staging is pretty much allowing the most amount of buyers to visualize themselves in the house that they’re going to view. So most of the population, they aren’t visual enough to be able to see what their furniture would look like or envision themselves or their family living there. So our goal and our job is to come in and to arrange the furniture and decor in a way that both showcase the features of the house as well as the functionality of families or individuals or couples that are able to live there. Each room has its own best features, whether that’s the natural light that’s in the house, the beautiful hardwood floors, a statement fireplace. By using our decor and our accessories, we’re able to really enhance those features in those rooms, so when buyers are walking through the property, they’re more in tune of seeing what they could do in that space with the statement pieces that are in the room.

When John calls, we go do a site visit, we walk this space. The biggest things that we’re looking at or paint color, natural light, and then we look at the stain on the floors, and then just the overall layout. And from there, we go back to our warehouse, we do our inventory pull based on the colors that are in the house, and the style of the home is very important. We don’t want to put a very traditional sofa in a more modern house. And then we’ll do before pictures, so we’re able to see what they look like before. And then once we’re ready to go, we’ll install all the furniture and accessories, and then we are ready to roll. It’s usually about a seven day turnaround from start to finish.

So we’re seeing pretty much a two week sale or under. And what’s exciting about that is, whoever the seller is, whether it’s an investor in the property or the homeowner that’s selling to move, it gives them a lot more time to either do a faster sale so they don’t have a double mortgage or they’re able to move on to their next rehab quicker, but also allows them to just kind of move on to their next phase of their life faster than having to wait for a house to sit on the market and sell.

The sellers are ecstatic. I mean, they’re able to really sell their house faster and for more money and less time on market, and it’s a really fulfilling experience to be able to help them through that process. John knows how to market it, he knows how to do the sale part of it, and I know how to make it pop and be the best house on the block. So with both of us working together with our strengths, it’s really awesome to be able to see that everything that we do behind the scenes, you’re getting results as soon as you list the house.