Top Real Estate Agents on the Job! ”Sell my house fast”, Said Dr. Jefferson Lee, to Jonathan Kirk on their first phone call when Dr. Lee called Jonathan after being previously listed on the market by another brokerage, and going unsold. Baltimore Realtor, Jonathan Kirk, with The Kirk Home Group of Northrop Realty, A Long & Foster Company, specializes in correcting these particular issues in the wonderful world of residential real estate sales. When Seller, Dr. Jeff Lee, of Lutherville MD, researched and found the expert online he needed, he then asked Jonathan Kirk if he could get the job done, ”It simply was a matter of taking a look at the home in person to analyze the situation” Said Jonathan. Top Real Estate Agent, Jonathan Kirk Of the Kirk Home Group of Northrop Realty, cut his teeth in the business 9 years ago Specializing in selling homes that did not sell the first time around. ”Even the best homes sometimes don’t sell the first time around, for various reasons, most of it comes down to the local Real Estate Agent that sellers choose to represent them and the marketing/communication systems in their company behind them to service the transaction from start to finish, and beyond. Northrop Realty and I are a constant resource and connector all year around for our clients”.

Our mission is to be the leader in the real estate marketplace using the highest degree of professionalism and expertise to meet and exceed the needs of our clientele.

Each House we Sell fast in Baltimore, MD brings different challenges and each of them are all so rewarding because we learn so much through every deal and apply the wisdom to our next one. We love doing case studies to support future sellers in helping them to understand what we are doing differently than the industry standard. Realtors in baltimore and top real estate agents are already seeing and feeling small changes and corrections in certain parts of our local Baltimore MD Real Estate market. It is very important to have a battle tested expert help you navigate through the process to make the best decisions, whether buying, selling or investing. Check out what our clients are saying about us right now:

Baltimore Realtor Expert, Sell My House
Video Transcription

Top Real Estate Agents Sell My house fast, Baltimore Realtor Jonathan Kirk: Jonathan Kirk here with the Kirk Home Group of Northrop Realty, coming to you with a real quick video update on how to sell your property in the most efficient way possible. Not every one house is the same, and not every seller wants the same thing, nor do they have the ability to do the same things to get the same end result that they’re looking for. I’m Just going to share with you a quick story about what happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

A great seller called me. He was in Otterbein. He had an investment property right by Camden Yards, and it was not selling. It was previously listed on the market with another agent, popped off the market unsold. He looked on Zillow and saw that I had a recent sale right up the block on 500 block of South Charles Street. He called me up and he asked me, “Jonathan, do you think you can sell my house, and why did my house not sell the first time?” I went over to take a look at the property, and I quickly realized a couple things needed to happen in order for him to sell that property for top dollar.

Of course, he could sell it in the current state that it was in, but was it going to sell for top dollar? Probably not. I gave him some advice. I noticed there was beautiful plush gray new carpet in the property, but it was all one style, and it needed to be broken up a little bit. It was a little bit overkill with the gray color. I recommended he put some hardwoods in the living and the dining room and the hallways and then keep that plush gray carpet in the bedrooms. And the white outdated appliances, to swap them out with brand new stainless steel appliances because the color palette in the property was already beautiful, popping off of the stainless steel appliances and the granite counter tops that he already had, as well as the plush gray carpet.

He took my advice. We went over a couple of different floor styles, and we ended up picking a charcoal color that went really well with the gray color palette as well as the plush gray carpets. He put some stainless steel appliances in the property, and after only a week on the market, we got a full list price offer, and we’re already under contract.

Not every house is going to be the same. Not everybody’s going to have the same story. More importantly, not everybody has the resources to put money into their property in order to get the result that they’re looking for. I’m going to come with a fresh set of eyes and I’m going to let you know whatever you can do that’s within your budget or not to get the best result that you’re looking for. Please feel free to reach out to me even if you just have any questions and you want to talk on the phone about it, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help. You can check out my information again below, as well as my agent profile. I sure look forward to talking to you soon. Take care and have a great day.