Have you been asking yourself, ”Why isn’t my house selling and why am I not able to figure it out?” Don’t Worry, I’m about to break it all down for you so by the time I am done, you will either be able to get an offer on your home yourself, or you can just call me and I can easily make that happen for you.

There are only a hand full of reasons why your home isn’t selling and I promise you that it’s only a couple steps or quick changes away. Lets start with 3 Things That Will determine if your home will sell or not.

  1. The Price– Neither of us make the price. Your house is only worth what a buyer today is willing to pay. Making sure the price you advertise your home for sale at is not too high or too low can be done easily from a local real estate expert who sells many homes in the area you wish to sell in.
  2. The Condition– The way the home shows both in person and online are the joint responsibility of the Seller and whoever they hire to help them sell the home. The way it shows online is usually the Real Estate Experts Job to make sure the home is being shown both online and in person in its finest light.
  3. The Marketing– This is the only thing that the Realtor fully controls. It is their job to not only market but convert the showings into offers, contracts, negotiate the price, condition, inspection, terms, and the way the buyer takes possession to ensure favorable terms for their seller client.

Here’s 4 Things you can do NOW to get your home SOLD!

  1. Research The Best Agents In Your Local Market– The first reason, point blank, can be because you just have the wrong agent and they aren’t making the most of our hot market we are in, they may not be communicating and converting on all of the new buyers and agents with buyers who are out in flock for the 2020 market. Its 💥 Hot out Here in this Real Estate market, Especially in Baltimore Maryland.
  2. Hold a Open House – I just Placed two houses under contract that were not selling right away by marketing them for opens. It boots their syndication to the top of the feeds informing all visitors to the sites advertising that this house will be held open and during which times.
  3.  Keep Track Of All Visitors – Call back each and every agent who showed the house or buyer who visited during an open house to see if there is any interest and ask if there is another price other than the current list price that their they would offer given their specific feedback? Communication is key in a shifting and competitive market to get to a successful result. Your Realtor Must be a master communicator not only with the agents and buyers, but with YOU the seller to ensure complete service is being delivered.
  4.  Run Targeted Keyword Ads on Google – These are the keyword terms that your buyer is typing into google looking for their next home to buy. Capturing buyers as they enter into the market to ensure highest capture rate of organic buyer leads before they ever meet another agent.


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Why isn’t my house selling?! - Baltimore Realtor
Video Transcription

Hello there folks, Jonathan Kirk here, with the Kirk Home Group of Northrop Realty. And this video is title Why Isn’t My House Selling?

So that’s a great question and I’m going to get to the anwers, but it’s not just a one size fits all type of approach. Each and every single house is super unique, um, this one right here, we’re outside of a, one of my property’s in Baltimore, Maryland, one of my listings. This one was previously listed with another realtor, it went unsold. Uh, the seller actually found me and my company online, chose to give us an opportunity to help her get the property sold, and we are currently under contract. Um, did not cancel the open house, chose to keep it open and just let buyers come through, as my seller wanted me to keep it open.

But this is titled Why Isn’t My House Selling. So what am I doing out here talking to you about, you know, me selling this house? Well, it has everything to do about me selling this house because this house was previously listed and again it did not sell. So let’s go in, go inside and let’s take a look. I’m going to point out to you guys a couple things that I noticed right away when I came in to see this property for the first time. Seller was out state, so she needed an advocate that she could trust here inside.

So we could have staged the property. It’s a, it’s a cute little, you know, two bedroom, one full bath, single family detached on a corner lot with a garage. And, uh, as I came in, I looked at the window sills and you could see here that these are already painted because we had our contractor come back out and take care of them. But these were something, um, s- some little things that popped out to me immediately that I knew had to be fixed. There’s painting over, you know, the window sills, and the molding and making sure there was no chipping paint.

Also, I’m going to flip the camera around, and actually I can’t do that. But you can see right here on receptacles, there was a lot of water and dirt and soot around it, so we painted that. And there was stuff all in the house. There was stuff right here, um, by the counters, you know, all built up. There were boxes on the floor in the living room. As we go downstairs into the basement, it’s completely cleaned out now. We brought a maid in, we scrubbed the house from top to bottom because it needed a deep cleaning. And I said, “I need space here,” there was boxes all in the whole basement before that hadn’t been moved out. So the seller and I coordinated time for her to come down and unpack this whole entire house to leave a completely opening clean, so we could get it sold.

It’s not that much square footage anyway, so for a small house that’s really, really cute, if it’s not clean and if there’s a lot of clutter, it’s going to, it’s going to be tough to sell that property. Plus we also had a really cool sunroom, which is really unique, and there were boxes and stuff in here as well, and we got that completely cleaned out.

We did some touch-up painting, we did a deep cleaning and that’s it. We did not even stage this property, and it’s already under contract with multiple offers. You know, we definitely do recommend brochures and very strong marketing. At the Kirk Home Group with Northrop Realty we do next level marketing, that is, it’s really hard to match it. You know, we got the professional brochures and the whole nine yards. So this is just one facet to our marketing.

But again, each and every house is completely different, so why isn’t your home selling? Well, if you’re in the State of Maryland, you can definitely call me and I can tell you exactly why your home is not selling and give you some pointers to help you force it to sell. Whether it’s on your own or whether it’s with me. One of our unique selling propositions is that we’re here to provide value without any expectation of what we receive in return. As a result, we just so happen to sell a lot of properties. So feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, no matter where you are in this state, I can help you out. I will hop on a phone call with you. This is what I do all day, every day. 443-928-4550, Jonathan Kirk. You can email me at Jon, J-O-N, @kirkhomegroup.com or you can reach me at www.kirkhomegroup.com.

So, for Why Isn’t My House Selling, it really also comes down to three things, right? The price, the way it shows and the way it’s marketed. The price is really only determined by what buyers today are willing to pay, and I hope that makes sense because, you know, it’s depending on what the market’s going to bear. The way it shows. In person, that’s your responsibility as a seller and it’s also my responsibility if you’re partnering with me as your realtor. So we’re either going to stage it, we’re going to do a deep clean, you know, we’re going to do some touch-up painting, we’re going to make sure it smells good and make sure the temperature’s good. So when buyers come in, they can instantly see their lives unfolding in this property. And then the third thing, and perhaps one of the most important things you folks should be concerned about when and if you hire another real estate agent to help you sell and market your property, is the way that it’s marketed. Because that’s the only thing that we control here as real, as real estate agents, is bringing qualified buyers into the property, marketing and getting them in, and converting them into a contract so we can get a sold sign, which I’m about to drop outside this property right now.

So guys, Jonathan Kirk, Kirk Home Group, for Why Isn’t My House Selling, give me a call and I can share with you why. 443-926-4550. Take care and have a great. Talk soon, bye.