Interested In Learning about Why Isn’t My House Selling? Watch as Jonathan Breaks it down!

Hey folks, Jonathan Kirk here with and companies and company realtors. Chances are you ended up on this video because you were searching for why isn’t my house selling. If we all have the answer to that question, we probably wouldn’t have to break down this video. So what I’m going to do is give you my 10 years experience of would help me sell countless houses that did not sell the first time to help you get your property sold right now. My name is Jonathan Kirk. I’m a local real estate agent here in Baltimore. I’ve sold over 500 houses and I built my business in selling houses that sometimes are really great, but don’t sell the first time around for various reasons. One tip that I can give you or focus on the three things that will determine whether or not your house will sell to get it sold next time.

If you are thinking ”Why isn’t my house Selling?!” The first thing that will directly affect whether or not your house sells is the price which neither of us get to make your house is only really worth what a buyer today is willing to pay. So make sure that you check your areas surrounding comparables, because no matter what your house will sell for, it will always be affected by the surrounding comparables in your neighborhood. So check what those recent sales are, and that will give you a good, accurate depiction of where your property is going to sell. Based upon the condition. Second tip is to make sure that it shows good in person, as well as online. Don’t take pictures with your iPhone, make sure you do professional photography, HDR, virtual tours, especially in COVID-19 days during a pandemic. People want to be able to tour the property before they even step into it in person. So to make sure it’s showing really well in person. And then one line is going to be two things that you guys can’t omit in order to get top dollar and actually get your property.

So, and then the third thing, and perhaps one of the most important things you should be concerned about when an, if you hire a real estate agent is to make sure that they have great marketing, which is bringing qualified buyers into your property, converting that into a contract with exceptional negotiation skills. And you can do that by checking their track record, doing a Google search, checking out their Zillow reviews, client testimonials by looking on their website guys. So these are just one of the many features and benefits and tips and tricks that we offer here at the Kirk home group of come as a company realtors here, Kirk home And if you guys liked this video or got anything out of it, please show me some love and drop me a like, or a comment, please subscribe. And of course, for more information or to see what it’s like to work with the Kirk home group here at Cummings, a company realtors, please head on over to Kirk home for more information. And we’ll see you guys on the next one.